What will you do not to die?

Death is one of the biggest events that will happen in your life. Yet, few of us know how we will greet our own demise. Will you panic, try as hard as you can to resist; or simply give-up and fade away?

Given that most of us don’t know how or when we will die, and believe there is little we can do to control it, many leave death to chance and will muddle through it as best as possible at the time.

That could be a mistake, a big mistake.

Revelations from modern medicine and the latest science are enabling a re-interpretation of historic scriptures and spiritual texts that are helping to decipher what the ancients have been trying to tell us for thousands of years.

The following reviews and then reconciles common elements of these different disciples to provide an objective assessment of what your death might involve, what you should be aware of when the time comes – and how to be better prepared.

Do not die without reading the following.

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