Care – how to better help dying friends or family…

If you know anyone who has a friend or family member who is dying please get them this book.
It will help make their time easier.
There is more to dying than most of us realise. For example, this investigation reveals how many people experience and pass through a range of lights when they die (as shown with near death experiences). But, you don’t want to approach all those lights. Certain ones will take you to better places than others.
This non-fiction investigation reconciles ancients texts, religion, modern medicine and the latest science to better explain dying and death. (This is no religious guff here.)
For example, why do so many spiritual and religious figures in art shown with halos of light emanating from their heads?
The ancients were trying to show us that things spiritual and light energy are interconnected.
Science today shows that light and energy are eternal, that they cannot be destroyed – not even by a black hole.
What will happen to your energy when your friend or family member – or you – die?
Learn more on what you and they can doin what is possibly the most advanced non-religious explanation of dying and death – see the details here now.
Or watch the short YouTube videos on what started this amazing investigative journey by a former journalist and archaeologist here and here.

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